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Learning Materials in the Biology discipline are organized by Sub-discipline, and then by specific sub-categories of each discipline.

Finding the Learning Materials

  • The learning materials can be found in two ways:
    • Browse - Pick the category from "Browse Materials"
    • Search - Input a specific phrase in the Search box, or use Advanced Search to find more specific information.


  • Click on the topic to see the complete listing, or on the arrow to expand the list.

Types of Learning Materials

  • Simulation
    • Real or imaginary experience
    • Users' actions affect their outcomes.
  • Animation
    • Visual representation of concepts, models, processes,
    • Users control pace and movement through the material,
  • Tutorial
    • Electronic workbook designed to meet stated learning objectives,
    • Structured to impart specific concepts or skills
    • Organized sequentially.
  • Lecture/Presentation
    • Material used in support of in-class lectures/presentations.
    • Notes, AV materials, and presentation graphics
  • Case Study
    • Illustrates concept or problem by using example that is explored in depth.
  • Collection
    • Any collection of images, sequences, learning materials as Web sites or subject specific applets.
  • Reference Material
    • No specific instructional objectives
    • Similar to that found in the reference area of a library.

Assignments and Teaching Methods

Peer Review Process

  • Learning objects are peer reviewed by two reviewers and their composite reviews are posted on MERLOT.

Peer Review Process

  • See the modules that have received the highest ratings on Peer Reviews for the Biology Discipline at the MERLOT site. The modules are listed in the order of their peer review ratings, from highest to lowest.